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The moment you have the first glimpse of your bundle of joy, there’s a rush of an array of emotions through you. Like any new parent, you are proud to bring forth a new life after having sailed through the challenges of pregnancy happily. 

When you arrive home after getting discharged from hospital, close relatives and loved ones pour in, showering congratulatory wishes. You and your partner are now entering a new and exciting phase of your lives: added responsibility of taking care of your baby, breast-feeding, taking care of your own diet and understanding the needs of your baby. 

Newborns cry often and sometimes it may be difficult to know why. They have their own share of problems. You might wonder what to do if your baby catches a cold or has a cough. Remember, plenty of advice might be coming your way, but it is only reliable and accurate advice from a trust-worthy source that really counts. 

In this section, you can access expert advice on how to take good care of your newborn. You will get answers to questions that might be disturbing you routinely. So read along and interact with us if you have any further queries. This section contains info on: development during this age; how to interpret crying spells in your baby; colicky behavior; healthy breastfeeding practices; foods to avoid while nursing; night time feeding; newborn jaundice; regurgitation, Constipation and diarrhea and many more.

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