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Handling cold in infants

The following steps taken by the parents when she saw her baby catching colds:

1. Simply provide food and drink according to the daily menu, do not need to be treated.


2. To overcome the thick mucus that covers the nose, give a sterile saline solution or nasal drops.
3. Moisten the air in a child’s room by providing a bucket of water vapor panasagar spread. Moisture can dilute and helps remove mucus.
4. Parents can also do other ways to overcome the mucus in the nostrils of the child by using suction mucus. Do this with care and child hatiagar not experience irritation that will cause new problems, which arise inflammation of the nose.
5. Bring to a doctor if pileknya already eating and drinking interfere with the activity, the child is difficult to breathe, unable to sleep, or mucus in the nose hard to overcome.

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